Josepa (Pepita) Miquel-Florensa


Associate Professor 
(Maitre de Conferences)

1, Esplanade de l'Université
    Toulouse, France



  • Same coffee, same price? Gender differences in returns to product quality.
  • Crop substitution and access to international markets for Colombian cacao (with M. Gafaro)  
  • Improving utilities performance: Fiel Level Leadership in Addis Ababa Water and Sanitation Authority (co-PI: S. Pahuja and G. Joseph). 

  • Mark-ups in the coffee production chain: Evidence from Colombia (with N. DeRoux, R. Macchiavello, and E. Verhoogen)
  • Market structure, Vertical integration and Farmers welfare in the Costa Rica Coffee industry (with F. Leone, R. Macchiavello and N. Pavanini)

    • Improving Export Quality: The case of the Sustainable Quality Program in Colombian Coffee (with R. Macchiavello)_ Working paper August 2019
    • Vertical Integration and Inter-Firm Relationships in the Costa Rica Coffee Chain (with R. Macchiavello)

      _ Working Paper July 2018

    • Do women contribute more effort than men to a real public good? (with I. Alger, L. Juarez and M. Juarez-Torres)_ TSE WP
    • Betting on the Lord: Lotteries and religiosity in Haiti (with E. Auriol, D. Delissant, M. Fourati, and P. Seabright) _ TSE WP
    • The social consequences of conflict in Colombia: How forced displacement flows affect public good contributions (with A. Hopfensitz)_ TSE WP
    • Fair Trade or Rotten Sale? Public Good Provision and Cream-skimming in Cooperatives (with E. Auriol)

    • Do informal transfers induce lower efforts? Evidence from lab-in-the-field in rural Mexico (with I. Alger, L. Juarez and M. Juarez-Torres) _ Forthcoming at Economic Development and Cultural Change_ paper
    • Trust in the Image of God: Links between religiosity and reciprocity in Haiti (with E. Auriol, D. Delissant, M. Fourati, and P. Seabright) _ Forthcoming at Economics of Transition and Institutional Change
    • Voting Corrupt Politicians Out of Office: Evidence from an Experiment in Paraguay (with R. Cañete, S. Straub and K. Van der Straeten) _ Journal of Economic Behavior & Organization (2020) _ TSE WP 
    • Taxing aid to improve aid efficiency (with E. Auriol) _ Review of International Organizations (2019) _TSE WP
    • Catch Uncertainty and Reward Schemes in a Commons Dilemma: An Experimental Study (with C. Mantilla and A. Hopfensitz) _  Environmental & Resource Economics (2018) paper
    • Mill Ownership and Farmer’s Cooperative Behaviour: The case of Costa Rica Coffee Farmers (with A. Hopfensitz) _ Journal of Institutional Economics (2017) _TSE WP   
    • Dynamic contractual incentives in the face of a Samaritan’s dilemma _ Theory and Decision (2013)
    • Water services quality in Tanzania: access and management (with M. Garcia-Valiñas) _ International Journal of Water Resources Development (2013)
    • “Tell me what you need’: Signalling with limited resources _ Journal of Economics (2009)

    • Who gives South-South Cooperation in Latin America to Whom and Why (with A. Rodriguez-Valencia) 
    • Development loans performance: Incentives and Instruments_ IADB working paper  
    • When to pay more: status and culture in Principal-Agent interactions (with R. Dessi)
    • Financing multi-stage projects under moral hazard and limited commitment

    • Estándares voluntarios de sostenibilidad en la
cadena de valor del café colombiano
_ Ensayos sobre Economía Cafetera (2020)

    • 'Development Economics'_ In Real World Decision Making: An Encyclopedia of Behavioral Economics. Editor Morris Altman, Praeger ABC-CLIO (2015)
    • Experimentos de bienes públicos y Cooperativas cafeteras: Estudio en el Departamento de Caldas (with A. Hopfensitz) _ Ensayos sobre Economía Cafetera (2014)
    • ‘The Economics of Trade in Football Broadcasting Rights’ (with Paul Seabright)_ in Gali­, J. & X. Vives (eds): Football Economics: Proceedings of the Armand Caraben Workshop on Sports Economics, Reports of the Public-Private Research Center 4, IESE, University of Navarra (2011)