PMI Education Revealed

This site will discuss the features and the common misconceptions of PMI Education's coaching program.
Misconception #1- PMI Education s a business opportunity.
Fact- PMI Education is exactly that, an education program. Making significant change in your life requires knowledge and support. Without an understanding of the skills, concepts and techniques involved progress can be difficult if not impossible. PMI provides coaching and training for those wanting to learn how to make money on the internet, learn the concepts of real estate investing, get out of debt or lose weight.
Misconception #2- PMI charges different amounts for the exact same package.
Fact- PMI provdies many different packages and services, depending on the needs of the individual client.
Misconception #3 - PMI has changed its name many times or is part of other businesses.
Fact- PMI has been operating under the same name for 13 years. While PMI may have worked with other companies such as Storesonline, The Tax Club or AFI they are completely separate companies. Blog or forum posts claiming PMI to be other companies within the same industry are at best simply confused and at worst deceitful.
Misconceptions # 4- The testimonials and success stories PMI uses are fabricated or employees of PMI.
Fact - PMI uses testimonials that are compliant withthe new FTC regulations pertaining to the use of customer endorsements. All of our client success stories are backed with documentation.