Paolo Melindi Ghidi's Web Page

Welcome to my web page!

I am currently a Post-Doc research fellow at the GREQAM, Université d'Aix et Marseille, France. I obtained a Ph.D. in Economics, European Doctoral Programme, at Université catholique de Louvain, Belgium, in January 2012, and I spent my visiting period at Paris School of Economics, École Normale Supérieure, France. My research interests focus on Population Dynamics, Macroeconomics, Public Economics, Economic Growth, Migration and Minorities Issues,Environmental  Economics and Biodiversity. I have also obtained a Master of Art with Honors in Economics at  Université catholique de Louvain with distinction, and a Degree in Political Sciences, equivalent to Master of Sciences at University of Bologna with laude.

In the past I have been awarded with the “Angelo Costa” Prize, IX edition, of “Rivista di Politica Economica (RPE)”, for the five most deserving papers taken from undergraduate theses in Economics by students graduated in an Italian University, the “Fausto Vicarelli” Prize, XVII edition, of “Luigi Einaudi” Foundation, for the best Italian undergraduate thesis in Economics (ex-aequo), the “Mario Pannunzio” Fellowship of “Luigi Einaudi” Foundation, offered by Accademia dei Lincei and the “Biagio Morelli” Prize, I  edition, of “Confconsumatori Association”, for the best article on consumerism issues.

Outside of the academic field, I am the President of the Palais des Sciences association, a non-profit organization based in Bruxelles working on organization of cultural events. The organization counts more than 2000 members representing a varied community of people both in terms of nationality, age and socio-professional interests. The association is implicated in several artistic activities which bring together artists from different cultures and fields. In 2012 the association has been awarded with the "VisitBrussels Award" for the Best Evening Experience.