PMECHUK is short for Postal MECHanisation UK. The title of this web page was chosen for use as the most obvious alternatives are in use by other groups covering non postal mechanisation themes.
Postal mechanisation may be defined as the automation of the postal system where automation replaces human or animal input to carry out a process. One could, therefore, argue that the use of a van to transport a mail bag from A to B is mechanisation or the use of a machine to sort mail into boxes to ready them for further transportation falls into this category.
I became interested in postal mechanisation around 1978 when I saw a number of displays at a local stamp club on this relatively new area of collecting. As a poor student, I was looking for an inexpensive area of philately to collect. Postal mechanisation appeared to be the answer as most of the material collected was usually consigned to the dustbin. I now know better and the rarer material, although expensive, is still within the pockets of many.

In 1997, I became the editor of the Newsletter for a philatelic society speciallising in this field. This website is my attempt to inform about some aspects of this area of study. I hope to include material on postcodes, sorting machines, cancels and UK ATMs on this and, possibly, other sites. The first subject to be covered are the Wincor-Nixdorf Propostal 2000 and the Hytech systems, as used in the UK by the Post Office, and some of the other variable value "stamps" that have been issued by the Post Office.

NOTE: I have just noticed a reference to my blog on e-bay. I do not endorse any sale(s) of WIncor-Nixdorf and Hytech material on any site and, therefore the decision to purchase the item depends on whether you are happy with the description. Any data I place on my websites or blogs is based on the information that I have at the time of writing. It is not to endorse sales for dealers - professional or amateur. Therefore, I take serious exception to any mis-use of data or use of any information that I publish to make a sale.

I have been rather remiss in updating the other pmechuk and wincoralbum websites resulting from other commitments - some self afflicted. However, I do intend a massive update around the end of 2013 or early 2014. I have (as of 5/10/13) around 160 pages (sheets) of material to scan and upload.

Most Recent Update: 27 March 2014.  
ATM Informer Issue 16 Now Available
Now available on the ATM Informer site is Issue 16. This includes reports on the NCR at Harpenden and the first day of Royal Mail Series 2 Unit at the BPMA. 

Spring Stampex 19-22 February 2014
Four New Royal Mail Series 2 units appeared at this show for the first time - three Royal Mail and one Jersey Post. Machin, Union Flag and British Flora 1 were vended from the Royal Mail kiosks and Jersey and Union Flag from the Jersey Post Units. Details will be posted shortly and downloaded via the ATM Informer site. I am currently working on issue 15 with the details.

ATM Informer Issue 14 plus Exhibition Supplement
These are now available from the ATM Informer website and may be downloaded for free. 

If you do have material for inclusion in any future issue, please e-mail them to me by the 20th of each month.

Autumn Stampex 2013 - Part 2


Chris Wormell, the artist responsible for the images on the  faststamps, was present on the Friday for a few hours to sign covers and associated Freshwater materials. Illustrated above is a Wincor cover from Trafalgar Square/William IV Street and a Royal Mail Series 1 Unit cover from kiosk A3. Please note that the official name for what we have previously called the Hytech is now the Royal Mail Series 1 Unit.

Vince Patel has kindly sent some images of a couple of faults that occurred on the first day. Unfortunately, he was not the lucky purchaser.


Friday was the release day for Freshwater 3 -Rivers.

Examples from RMS1Unit A2, C2 and a Wincor are illustrated above.

Stampex 2013 - Part 1

I managed two brief visits to the Autumn Stampex – on the Wednesday and the Friday. On both occasions there was significant interest in the Hytech kiosks and the stamps that were produced.

The MA13 security print was used on both Machin and Flag stock. The Freshwater Life –Rivers security print had no date code.


Brian Sinnott has produced a table summarising the stock used on each kiosk each day.







Union Flag/Machin

Union Flag/Machin

F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag

F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag


Union Flag/Machin

Union Flag/Machin

F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag

F/water Life-Rivers/Union Flag


Union Flag/Machin

Union Flag/Machin

Union Flag/Machin

Union Flag/Machin


Union Flag

Union Flag

F/Water Life-Rivers

F/Water Life-Rivers




Union Flag

Union Flag


B1 and B2 Pre-Order and over-the-counter sales only

Both the 'Union Flag' and the Machin Post and Go Stamps had a 'MA13' underprint.

Union Flag over printed "The Coronation 60th Anniversary'.



The illustrator of the Freshwater stamps, Chris Wormell, was available on the 21st between 2 and 3 to sign covers and other associated material with the issue. 

One new addition to the public kiosks was identification plaques and these are illustrated below with each kiosk. 


Friday was the first day of the Freshwater Life 3 – Rivers issue. The address format was changed on kiosks A2 and A3 with “Islington” ceasing to be on a separate line thereby freeing up a line of text for “First Day of Issue – Freshwater Life 3 – Rivers”. Examples from both kiosks are illustrated above and below.

More data in issue 10 of the ATM Informer due early October. Also see the ATM Informer web pages.

Information Wanted
Recently, reports that the office ident 999999 and kiosk 9 have appeared on e-bay and in the ATM Informer. Reports suggest that the office that produced these was Birmingham but to documentation such as receipts has appeared. Can anyone produce evidence of the source?

Wandsworth Office to Close
The Wandsworth office at 1 Arndale Walk is to close on 25 July 2013. However, their plan to move to a single office fell through and this has resulted in services being split between two sites. As regards the Wincor machine, this will not be moving to either site due to space limitations. The search for larger premises continues.


Photographs of the office taken on 18 July 2013.

Wincor-Nixforf and Hytech ATM Stamps
I have finally completed the first edition of what was initially envisioned as a catalogue/listing of faststamps and post and go labels from Wincor-Nixdorf and Hytech kiosks. In the end, it included a lot more than just a simple listing. It is available, free of charge, but if you would like to make a donation directly to a neurological charity, I would be obliged. See my ATM Informer site for details at: https://sites.google.com/site/atminformer/

Australia Expo 2013
First day of this Expo is 10 May. Already, illustrations of the faststamps available have appeared on the the Norphil blog site. These have the dater ident A5AU13. Flag and Machin varieties are available.

Similar examples are available form Tallents House Edinburgh as Collector's strips but with the dater A5GB13. No FDC service was available. However, the Tallents House versions contain an extra word in the overprint "World" in front of Stamp Expo

My thanks to Tony for forwarding these images of covers produced in Melbourne.

A blog is now on line at pmechuk.blogspot.com where I will be putting some background to some of the material that appears on my websites, comment on philatelic events, items in my accumulations and, maybe, some of the other non-philatelic items that have come my way over the years.

I use the term accumulation rather than collection as I don't plan what to buy but make use of what comes my way. My budget is very restricted especially in the last couple of years as I have had to become a full time carer. 

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 Please re-visit this site as more material may have been added. Please follow the Wincoralbum1,  Wincoralbum2 and Wincoralbum3 links to see the some of the "raw" data. These sites constitute my collection of this material.

Most Recent Update: 27 March 2014.  

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