Pedro Magalhães:

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I'm a political scientist working at the Social Sciences Institute of the University of Lisbon (ICS), Portugal. 

I got my PhD at The Ohio State University in 2003, with a dissertation on judicial review and judicial behavior in Spain and Portugal. Between 1999 and 2009, I worked at CESOP, the Center for Public Opinion Polls and Studies of the Portuguese Catholic University, which I directed between 2005 and 2009. My research focuses on electoral behavior, political attitudes, public opinion, and judicial behavior.

On the right, you'll see links to lists of some of my recent works, a full list of research publications, the main projects in which I'm involved, my blog on polls and public opinion (in Portuguese), and to the website of the Lisbon Meeting on Institutions and Political Economy, a joint ICS and Nova School of Business and Economics organization. There's also a link to pages related to the classes I teach.