Circle of Fun

by PJ Laquindanum
Jan 11, 2010

Circle of Fun
Location: Quezon City Memorial Circle
Going out with your family during the holidays or weekends – even with a small budget – has now gotten better with Circle of Fun: a mini theme park with some features of a perya where you can enjoy quality rides and games for a minimal fee. Entrance fee to Circle of Fun is now only PHP 20.00 while children 3 feet and under in height are free. CoF (Circle of Fun) opens at 4:00 PM on weekdays (Tuesday to Friday) and 10:00 AM on weekends and holidays, and closes at 10:00 PM. The park is closed on Monday. Here you can experience rides you’ll also see in other theme parks, some in their mini versions, and also rides you see in some perya, like the octopus.


Entrance fee to each ride ranges from PHP 30.00 to PHP 50.00. Some of the main rides here at CoF include the Wild Wind, Sea Dragon, Carousel, Bump Cars, Paddle Boat and the most favorite of my little siblings, the Water Ball. Some of you may be familiar with Water Ball, as this has been featured in some malls/parks, where you'll be in a huge ball full of air, placed on a pool of water. You must be at least less than 50 kg. though to try this, and minimum age is 5 years old.

Wild Wind, as shown in the picture above, is a roller coaster; Sea Dragon is like Enchanted Kingdom's Anchors Away but less extreme and height; most of the rides are made most especially for kids, focusing more on weight restrictions instead of height limits. Don't expect too much rides, though, because there are not much of them to choose from, so I don't recommend going to Circle of Fun, if you're planning to get on rides the whole day.

Overall, the Quezon City Memorial Circle has been once again a well-visited place this past few months, thanks to some playground renovation and the Circle of Fun – affordable, fun, and relaxing.