Pedro Maat C Massolino

I am researcher in the following topics:

Cryptography implementations of symmetric and asymmetric key primitives on embedded systems and hardware;

Post-quantum cryptography;

Lightweight symmetric key primitives;

Electrical Engineer with Computer emphasis from University of Sao Paulo - Escola Polit├ęcnica
Master of Science in Electrical Engineer from University of Sao Paulo - Escola Polit├ęcnica
GitHub Projects:

This is personal project that i do in my free time. I created to provide newer hash functions implementations specialized in 8 and 16 bits platforms.
At the moment there is only a verified sponge with Keccak implementation for both 8 and 16 bits.
Other functions that are being developed are BLAKE2, AES block cipher to be applied with DM, MMO, MP to latter be used as one way function or hash construction.

This is my Master's research project.
It is a VHDL language hardware design that can do McEliece encryption with binary QD-Goppa codes and McEliece decryption with binary (QD-)Goppa codes.
This hardware was analyzed and documented on my master's dissertation and following paper.

Publications from this project:

Pedro Maat C. Massolino, Paulo S. L. M. Barreto, and Wilson V. Ruggiero. 2015. Optimized and scalable co-processor for McEliece with binary Goppa codes. ACM Trans. Embedd. Comput. Syst. 14, 3, Article 45 (April 2015), 32 pages

Pedro Maat C. Massolino. Design and evaluation of a post-quantum cryptographic co-processor. Master's Dissertation. University of Sao Paulo, 2014.

My contact :
pedro.massolino AT hotmail DOT com
pmassolino AT larc DOT usp DOT br
P DOT Massolino AT cs DOT ru DOT nl