edUi 2010 Conference

Jody Condit Fagan and Jennifer A. Keach will present a session at edUi 2010 Conference.
Web Project Management for Educational Environments
November 9, 9:00 - 10:00 am.
Formal project management can be intimidating if you only manage projects occasionally—but it offers effective tools that are often easy to implement. We will share the “why” and “how” of identifying project sponsors, drafting project overviews, developing project specifications, and documenting work breakdowns. Learn how to keep projects on time, on budget, and within scope. We’ll have a particular focus on managing web-related projects in educational and non-profit environments and will include hands-on activities.
Thank you to our audience at the edUi 2010 Conference for the insightful questions and comments during the presentation, afterwards, and on the evaluations!  Materials provided during the presentation are now posted below.
Feedback we received after this presentation:
  • "Love the energy and the content."
  • "Excellent session--thank you!!"
  • "Excellent materials and presentation preparation."
  • "I am going away with useful tools to implement for future projects. Thanks!"
  • "Very sensible. Good approach to outline & plan."
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