Computers in Libraries 2009

Jennifer Keach and Jody Fagan presented a workshop at Computers in Libraries 2009, "Web Project Management for Academic Libraries, 
Thursday, April 2nd, 1:30-4:30pm. Subscribe to our updates (RSS, Atom) if you would like notifications of any posted materials.

Presentation (handouts are below in schedule):
Full Presentation (9 MB, ppt)

Workshop participants were unanimous in rating these aspects "Excellent!" 
  •  The presentation was interesting and informative 
  •  The workshop was worth the investment of time/money spent to attend 
  •  The workshop was presnted well and easily understood
Comment: "This was the best workshop I attended at CIL 2009"

Official Program Listing: W24 – Web Project Management for Academic Libraries
1:30 PM – 4:30 PM
Jennifer A. Keach, Director, Digital Services, Libraries & Educational Technologies, James Madison University
Jody Condit Fagan, Content Interfaces Coordinator, James Madison University Journal of Web Librarianship

This workshop is for academic librarians and staff who manage web projects within their library, from those who have been given an ad-hoc assignment to those with full-time web responsibilities. Learn how to avoid scope creep from the start, how to distribute the work throughout a project team, how to get constructive input from both your users and your colleagues, and more! In this workshop, you will get hands-on practice using some of the most useful tools used by project managers and explore the challenges specific to web projects for academic libraries. Topics addressed include working with a team, identifying project sponsor and project scope, creating work breakdown structures, designing an organizational communication plan, and methods for evaluating the success of your project management techniques.

 Schedule and links to handouts


Introductions and definitions

Presentation: Web project management: definitions

Creating the project overview document (25 min)

Handout - What Goes into a Project Overview?

Example Handout - Sample Project Overview (News App)

Activity Handout - CaseStudy: BYO Style Guide

Activity Handout - Template Project Overview 

Example Handout - Project Overview (BYO Style Guide)

Presentation: Web project teams


 Presentation: Getting User Input

Handout: GettingUserInput

Presentation: Effective project specs (design, content, technical) and success criteria (30 min)




Handout - Bug Checklist (for Project Specs) 



Presentation: Planning and Scheduling the Work

Handout: WBS for BYO Style guide

Handout: Schedule for BYO Style Guide 

Activity: stickynoteschedule.doc

Presentation: Communication plans and Evaluating Project Management Techniques

(no handouts)

Questions and Wrap Up