Plycycle, a wooden framed bicycle.

The Story.....

For a long time I had mentioned to people how I would like to build a wooden bike. Eventually I had said it to so many people that I was running out of excuses as to why I hadn't started. So I set about designing and making a wooden bike. I wanted to create a hand made bike in my garage using every day tools. Although I dont have any special training or skills, I have always liked making things, so while I was confident I could do it, I had a steep learning curve. Frame geometry, material strength, asthetics all things I had to get to grips with before I started building.

The build of the Plycycle​ started in March 2011 and was complete by August 2011. I then finished a Mk2 in 2015 with mixed results.

To see the full detail of the build go to the BUILDINGAWOODENBIKE and Plycycle Mk2 blogs.