Charlotte and Aubrey's Wedding

Seven Five Seven

Our small marriage ceremony was performed at our church, Grace Memorial Episcopal, Lynchburg, Va. The dinner reception was at Depot Grill which is housed in a circa 1860 Norfolk & Western Railway building beside the James River and old C&O railroad in Lynchburg. 

~  ~  ~  ~  ~


The Celebration and


Blessing of


a Marriage :


Charlotte Ann Barber   


and  Aubrey M. Wiley, Jr.


July 5, 2007



    Prelude:                     Selected Music  

As you contemplate the music we have chosen, it is

our wish that the time may be used for your

meditation and reflection of the people who are

important in your life now.  Recall how you are

traveling through your journeys of life together and with God’s guidance you will support one

another into the future, just as we start our new life as one.


   Processional :       Pachelbel  

   Opening Sentences          

   The Declaration of Consent   

        The Ministry of the Word.

    A Reading from the Book of the Song of Solomon 2:10-13; 8:6-7.  Read by Janice Edwards

   A Reading from the Letter of Paul to the Colossians 3:12-17.  Read by Amy Johnson

   The Reading of the Gospel: John 15:9-12. Read by Reverend Cathy Montgomery


   Personal Expressions from Charlotte and Aubrey


    The Marriage 

   The Signing of the Parish Register      

   The Blessing of the Marriage 

    The Peace  

   The Holy Communion 

   The Lord’s Prayer 

   The Communion of the People  

   Post Communion Prayer  

   The Blessing 

   Celebration with the Bells


 The Celebrant: The Reverend Catharine Montgomery 



        The Readers: Janice Edwards and Amy W. Johnson

        Musician: David Edwards Usher: Felix Guevara


~   Charlotte's  Heartfelt Words for Aubrey  ~

"Aubrey, When I think about us, I wait for the silence. And that's where I find your heart beating. That's when I know you are beside me.

I taste your arms around me even when you are not there.

As I fall asleep in the dark, there is a love that keeps us warm and there is a peacefulness between us.

When you hold my hand, my feet are strong.

When you listen to me, I hear myself.

When you talk to me, I know we're OK.

I see your face in the waves, your grin sneaks up through the sand.

The sky, the land and God have blessed us!"


~   Aubrey's Heartfelt Words for Charlotte   ~

"Charlotte, Have I told you lately that I love you? Have I told you that there is no one else above you? You fill my heart with gladness. You take away all my sadness. You ease my troubles.  Yes that is what you do.

For when the morning sun in all its glory meets the day with hope and comfort too,  you fill my life with laughter. Somehow you make it all even better. You ease my troubles:  That's what you do.

Our's is a love that's defined: It's yours and it's mine. And like the sun at the end of the day, we should give thanks to the one as we pary.

Have I told you lately that I love you?"



Marriage license time!        

 We hope you will enjoy our picture album of our wedding. It was a wonderful afternoon made more special by the caring people who were with us. We know that others who wanted to be with us could not because of a legion of reasons and we understand. Those people were missed, nonetheless!




Charlotte's bouquet of fresh flowers was made from flowers she picked from our yard and the gardens near her work.   The alter arrangements came from a local florist and the arrangement in the pictures to the right  and below was a gift from her co-workers at the UVa Ed. Center for Technology.   





 Friends Janice and David Edwards talk with Abby and Tom Laudeman. In the center picture, daughter Amy and grandson Felix are shown.

On the left, retired Virginian railroad operator Landon Gregory explains to Charlotte a "train order" he fabricated for the wedding. She doesn't seemed convinced! In the center picture are friend Charlie Long and Amy. On the right, Felix waits while the girls have a  group hug; Amy, Charlotte and friend Carol Grant.


On the left, our priest, the Rev. Cathy Montgomery tells us of a legend about wedding rings as we examine ours closely. In the center and right pictures and the two below, we see friends gathered for the reception dinner. 

In the left picture below, Sondra Gregory takes her eyes away from the wedding couple to watch as passing CSX freight train after the reception dinner. 

After the reception dinner,  the marriage was blessed by the passage of a train, an eastbound CSX coal train. And with all the trappings of the wedding ceremony in the past, Charlotte and Aubrey "retired" to their more comfortable garb and their honeymoon "Little Cabin Home on the Hill."  :-)

 ~  ~  ~  ~  ~  ~

The Servant Song

I will keep you when you are weeping:

and when you laugh, I will laugh with you.

I will share your joy and sorrow

'till we've seen this journey though.

When we sing to God in heaven

we shall find such harmony,

born of all we've known together

of Christ's love and agony.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Pictures by Amy Johnson and Charlie Long follow below.

Left:Aubrey and friends Landon Gregory and Charlie Long after the ceremony. Center: Just before the ceremony, Amy found her Dad staying busy, folding his copy of the program. Right: Landon Gregory helps Felix with his tie.  Below: The entire wedding group is shown. 

Below Left: Tom  takes a picture of the wedding group. Below Right: Charlotte and Aubrey are with daughter Amy and grandson Felix.


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