The Celebration and


Blessing of


a Marriage :


Charlotte Ann Barber   


and  Aubrey M. Wiley, Jr.


July 5, 2007



    Prelude:                     Selected Music  

As you contemplate the music we have chosen, it is

our wish that the time may be used for your

meditation and reflection of the people who are

important in your life now.  Recall how you are

traveling through your journeys of life together and with God’s guidance you will support one

another into the future, just as we start our new life as one.


   Processional :       Pachelbel  

   Opening Sentences          

   The Declaration of Consent   

        The Ministry of the Word.

    A Reading from the Book of the Song of Solomon 2:10-13; 8:6-7.  Read by Janice Edwards

   A Reading from the Letter of Paul to the Colossians 3:12-17.  Read by Amy Johnson

   The Reading of the Gospel: John 15:9-12. Read by Reverend Cathy Montgomery


   Personal Expressions from Charlotte and Aubrey


    The Marriage 

   The Signing of the Parish Register 

   The Blessing of the Marriage 

    The Peace  

   The Holy Communion 

   The Lord’s Prayer 

   The Communion of the People  

   Post Communion Prayer  

   The Blessing 

   Celebration by the Bells


 Left  -   Celebrant : The Rev. Cathy Montgomery 


 Right -  Musician : David  Edwards










Readers and Witnesses:  Janice Edwards (left) and Amy Johnson (right)




Left - Janice Edwards


Right - Amy W. Johnson 





Usher : Felix  Guevara