Aubrey Wiley Reaches the Big Milepost - 65



Freinds were invited to celebrate Aubrey's 65th birthday

July 13, 2008. 



Actually the party was held a day early on Saturday July 12 in our back yard, starting at 9:30 am. The weather was perfect!  Charlotte had made some terrific breakfast/brunch dishes for our guests to enjoy. Charlotte, daughter Amy and grandson Felix hung party decorations about the yard and arranged the tables. I must say that I can't remember when time has passed as fast as it did that morning!  About three dozen close friends came!  That was almost everyone who was invited! We sat in the shade of our backyard trees, cooled by soft breezes and entertained by the nearby displays of railroad junk, which I consider to be historic railroad sculpture.  We happily visited with our guests, listening to conversations and laughing as we remembered and shared happy times. I was reminded of the family reunions I was forced to attend as a child except that now I understand how precious these gatherings are of friends and family who care! Our guests seemed to enjoy one another greatly! They talked, laughed and examined our flower gardens, country store-gas station clone, the cabin in the woods, woods trails, and the above mentioned railroad relics which have been restored to operating condition.