Twitter comments on Content Strategy

Our Opportunity…

We can structure information so people can find it and use it (and appreciate the experience).

• Writing text online is no longer “just copywriting”. (@Halvorson)

• Let’s reclaim the internet so when we type something in we get satisfying results. (@Halvorson)

• Imagine if part of your strategy was to help your customers find what they are looking for. (@scottabel)

• We deliver the wrong info to the wrong people in the wrong format. (@scottabel)

• Content isn’t a phase in web development or redesign, it’s ongoing. Reverse how it is now. Design is a phase. (@jeffmacintyre)

• Content strategy is a menu to order from – audit, plan, build, grow. (@jeffmacintyre)

• Any content that you put on your website is a content promise to your customers in some way. (@juntajoe)

• Create something remarkable. If your content isn't the very best, why should your customers engage or share your brand story? (@juntajoe)

• Traditional media is not at the heart of social media. It’s about one thing…content. (@Robert_Rose)

• Fans/followers do not matter if you have no objectives set for them. (@Robert_Rose)

• There is no semantic web without content and data. (@rlovinger)

• Content strategy will make or break your process. (@karenmcgane & @eaton)

• We don’t plan time to create and edit content. We treat it like a black box. (@karenmcgane & @eaton)

• Is content missing in your project diagram? Most project outlines DO NOT include content. (@karenmcgane)

• Good content isn’t magic. It takes planning and time. (@karenmcgane & @eaton)

• Don’t shovel the old content into the new shiny site. (@mbloomstein)

• Your deliverables will be that much richer with content strategy. (@mbloomstein)

• Content strategy can help designers communicate – in less time and with less money and effort. (@mbloomstein)

• Upfront content strategy actually preserves time and money for design. (@mbloomstein)

• How can you budget by page count if you don’t know how many pages it will take to express the main points, capture a user’s profile, or complete interactions…. CONTENT STRATEGY! (@mbloomstein)