Ever wished you could attend that talk — if only you didn’t have to hike the Rockies, or swim across the Atlantic, to get there; if only it could have been scheduled the following week, because this week is finals; if only you could watch it from your desk, or for that matter directly from your bed?

TCS+, a series of online seminars in theoretical computer science, will solve all your worries. The seminars are run using the “hangout” feature of Google+. The speaker and slides are broadcast live, as well as recorded and made available online. Anyone with a computer (and a modern browser) can watch, and anyone with a webcam can join the live audience and participate. The goal is to make engaging talks accessible to the widest possible audience, thereby ensuring a carbon-free dissemination of ideas across the globe.

See below for a schedule of upcoming talks. Times are shown in UTC. After importing into your own calendar, times will automatically adjust to your time zone. Otherwise, for East Coast, subtract 5 hours; for West Coast, subtract 8; for central Europe, add 1. During daylight saving time, add 1 to the above.