Plusot develops Android sports and health applications. An example such an application can be found in the development of uBike in the joint venture BroxTech

The applications that Plusot develops are often based on Android. The applications generally gather sensor data. Interpret the data, present it to the user and distribute the data to internet servers. Examples of applications built by Plusot are:
  • uBike. An Android bicycle application 
  • The website where athletes can view their uBike rides.
  • uWind. An Android application for the collection of weather data from Kestrel portable weather stations
  • THP2 Digital Health Assessment Android application for acquisition of fitness data.
  • O'See Android. A sports video delay application for O'Sports
  • MijnWandel app. An Android app to register walkers at registration point during a walking event.
Plusot has a background in the development of:
  • Embedded and desktop software in Java or C+
  • Android software
  • Dynamic webpages based on Javascript, JQuery and PHP
  • CAD and CAE designs
  • Fiber reinforced composite materials