A Home for Writers

Literary+ is a writer based project brought together and lead by Shen Hart. It brings together passionate, quality self-published writers to help each other promote their work, bringing more readers to every member. It was sparked by the simple fact that there are many top quality self-published authors being over-looked because they do not have the time and resources to efficiently and effectively market and promote themselves. With ambition and passion, Literary+ will take its members to the heights they deserve through a tight-knit community of like-minded writers.

There is a growing trend for people to self-publish their books. E-books are getting a good foot-hold in the book market, which encourages more people to self-publish. The problem comes when people realise just how hard it is to take on all the roles requires to publish a book. A potential solution is being formed over on Google+.

Thanks to the highly interactive nature of Google+ a group of passionate, like-minded authors have come together. The goal? To help everyone within the group promote their work. This group is called Literary+ and it was started and is lead by Shen Hart. She's a passionate young English writer who firmly believes that everyone deserves a chance. Literary+ is growing and evolving at a rapid pace and both Shen and their members feel it is only going to get better.

You have all heard of writers groups before, both in person and online. What makes Literary+ different? That's a complex question. Literary+ brings everything together at the right time. Shen Hart is very dedicated and driven, she is determined to take Literary+ to the dizzying heights she believes the members deserve. Literary+ also has a very firm no spam rule. It is based on good quality, unique content. They are working hard to stay away from the cliches and the back-handed stuff which goes on elsewhere. Shen has said she wants Literary+ to become a mark of quality. She believes that making sure everything is produced to the highest standards and promoted in a thoughtful manner, people will succeed. Her aim is to make people care about the authors within the group, to get to know them and to see that their books are worth the time and money. 

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