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We like to keep our writers on their toes. So we regularly come up with new little games and quirky ideas to make them think and get the creative juices flowing. You'll find the results of those right here. 

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  • 10 things every writer should know There are so many '10 things every writer should know' lists out there. We thought we should make our own. We told our writers to give us one thing they ...
    Posted 18 Jul 2012, 06:59 by Shen Hart
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10 things every writer should know

posted 17 Jul 2012, 14:04 by Shen Hart   [ updated 18 Jul 2012, 06:59 ]

There are so many '10 things every writer should know' lists out there. We thought we should make our own. 

We told our writers to give us one thing they think every writer should know - the more creative and funny the better! This is what they gave us.

(All the names are linked back to their G+ profiles so check them out!)

+Matt Bone opened with:
"How to not stab yourself in the eye when rubbing your eyes during late night writing sessions"

How to remove those stubborn ink stains from a writer's hands. (Lefties anyone?)

Allisyn Bridges
How to select a coffee shop for morning versus afternoon writing.
Emily Vitori
How to sharpen a pencil using common household items because you can never find a sharpener when you need one.
Rafael Chandler
How to make the world stop vibrating after that afternoon at the coffee shop when you kept ordering macchiatos because the barista was giving you the stinkeye because you sat there for four hours and she wanted to sweep the floors but you were in the way and so you ordered four of them and now your hands are shaking and you can see new colors.
Sophie Duncan
How to know when the computer is about to die with your 4 hours of unsaved manuscript the last thing to blink out of sight.
Cristina Smyser
How to explain to someone that you were in fact not staring at them, but thinking of a plot.
Natasha Duncan-Drake
How to explain to the nice police officer that when you said 'I will kill you' you weren't talking to the person sitting next to you on the train, it was just something one of your characters was saying in the scene you were working on and it happened to pop out of your mouth.
Sanna Caduri
How to write faster, than the laptop battery is running out.
Graham Guy
How to explain why your Google search history is full of poisons, untraceable methods of killing people, and how to make controlled substances.

Cristina Smyser
How to use short-cuts to return to your 'desktop' in the event you are sitting next to an officer while on said train-in addition, how to muffle the evil laugh. 
Arnel S. Bansil
How to control sudden irresistible urges to scrub the toilet or defrost the refrigerator. 
Rocky Cole
How to explain that hanging out in cafes with your laptop is actually your job.
Lark LaTroy
To be a successful author, you need the armor plating of a battleship, and the tenacity of a honey badger.
Drew Nicholson
The best word-processing applications to start up and then stare at uselessly for hours without typing anything.
T. Pascal
For me it's where to get good character names and how to track them during writing. I'm hopeless in real life with names, and sometimes I can't keep track of my own characters or ones in books. 
Letters of the alphabet.
Mike Reeves-McMillan
How to consult a dictionary to see if that word you used really means what you meant.

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