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What is the book cover game? Well - twice a week we ask our book cover designers to do us up a book cover. The difference is, they don't have a title! Our authors then come up with a title and a 100 word blurb. The public decide on their favourite and we put the winners up below. 

The Summer Girl - James Calbraith

posted 23 Jul 2012, 06:23 by Shen Hart

Cover art this week kindly done by Christopher Wilke. 

The winning author - James Calbraith
The Summer Girl

There is a myth, a tale, repeated from tribe to tribe all along the East Coast Wastes: of a City of Lights on a long island far to the north, where the streets at night are as bright as day, where the houses are kept warm inside and there is food enough for everyone. 
It is just a fairy-tale. A camp-fire legend from the time before the Great Cold.
But when a girl appears in the middle of Charleston Village wearing clothes nobody has seen in a hundred years, telling stories of her home in the City of Lights, the legend seems brought to life, and hope sparks in the hearts of the Carolina Tribesmen. But is she telling the truth? Is the City of Lights really waiting for them with open arms, or is she trying to lead them all into an elaborate trap?

High Moon - Drew Nicholson

posted 18 Jul 2012, 07:03 by Shen Hart

Saturday's book cover was provided by the lovely J.D Savage:

The public voted Drew Nicholson's flash fiction response to this as the winner:

Drew Nicholson
"High Moon" All Maisy May wants is to run her saloon/brothel in peace. It took her thirty years to work her way out of Earth's Well as an interplanetary paratrooper, and she's finally gotten enough of a stake to buy in to the Crazy Calf Township, where the West was risen again. But powerful interests in the town don't want a house of ill repute setting up in their tourist attraction, and when Maisy uses her feminine wiles to break into the secret zoning board meeting, they are even less amused. When he aliens attack, however, all eyes turn to Maisy, who has other talents as well -- deadly ones.

Lost Shadows - John Lewis

posted 14 Jul 2012, 09:24 by Shen Hart   [ updated 14 Jul 2012, 09:24 ]

The artist was Jim Hanson. 

John Lewis was chosen as the winner of the written portion with this entry:

Lost Shadows

In The World of Drummonton, losing your Shadow means losing your soul and the Princess Lanta and Prince Sten must journey into the depths of the Gravnal Halls to find what was stolen by the nefarious Professor Wilkens.  Along the way they will face mythical beasts, earn the trust of the most feared monster of their world and finally face the truth that was hidden from them by their own parents.  Journey with Lanta and Sten into The World of Drummonton, for a fantastical experience from the mind of the author of "Shadows in the Dark", "Shadow Down" and "To Cast a Naked Shadow". 

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