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We both offer and accept reviews for all self-published authors. Unfortunately we do not review erotica here on this site; we have nothing against the genre we would just rather keep it free from 'adult content'. 

If you wish to submit your book to our reviewers for a review please understand that all reviews given are entirely honest. We ask that our reviewers are polite and constructive but we cannot guarantee a positive review. 

Guidelines for reviewers:
Be polite!
We also ask that you be entirely honest. If you really did not like the book, explain why in a constructive manner. Those reviews which are deemed to be snarky or downright rude, will not go onto the site. 

Take the time to give a proper review - this should go without saying but we'd like to be sure. We will not accept a 3 word review. That is not acceptable and is a waste of our time. The author has put a lot of time and effort into writing the book, please take your time to give them a decent review. 

Guidelines for authors:
Understand that all reviews are honest - there will be people who do not like your book. Take any and all constructive criticism as it is intended - to help you improve and produce a better book. 

Submit one book at a time. We want to keep things fair, we will not accept more than one book at any given time from an author. 

To submit a book or become a reviewer for us please email us the following information:

To submit a book:
Your name.
The name of your book
Genre of the book
Available formats of the book
A short blurb and picture for the book.
Links back to where the book is for sale.

To review for us:
Your name
Genres you read
How available you are to review

Please remember we only accept one book per author at a time. Once one book has been reviewed you may submit another. 

Email the details to:


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