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hulk toy

Though there was a recent movie about the Incredible Hulk, it was more popular when it was a television series when I was a kid. My brother, in particular, loved the show, and he had his very own Hulk toy. This toy was a stuffed version of the Hulk that had wires within to keep the arms, legs, and head in place. This was no ordinary toy for my brother however, this was his best friend both day and night. For years, he would not go anywhere unless it was with him.

I remember that the Hulk toy came with ripped purple pants, much like the Hulk wore in the television series. These pants were a part of the doll, but they were missing very shortly after he got it for Christmas. That didn?t matter to him though, he still had his Hulk toy and that was all that mattered. He would often take it to bed with him, and he even tried to take it into the bath. He would spend hours on end playing with it, and he would ask me to play as well. I guess this is pretty common behavior for a young boy, but like any good sister, I thought he was just weird.

The Hulk toy he had lasted for a long time, even long after he drilled a hole in the stomach with his finger. I am not sure to this day why he did that, but it did not seem to change the dolls value for him in anyway. Apparently there was a purpose to that hole, but that purpose is still a mystery to me. Perhaps it was an over sized belly button, but I don?t know. I?ve tried asking him in recent years, but he says he can?t remember. I?m not sure I believe him, but I do know he?s never going to tell me.

Even though Hulk is not as popular as he once was back then, there are some children who loved the movie and want to have a Hulk toy of their very own. Though I don?t think there is one out like the one my brother had, there are plenty of great toys out there. They may not be in stores any longer, but that does not mean they can not be found online. If you look through sites like eBay, you may find more toys than you could have imagined. Go ahead and get some.

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