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19/03/2021    Dr Urban gave seminar lecture ("Analytical instrumentation: from prototypes to applications") in the National Cheng Kung University (Chemical Engineering).

17/03/2021    Congratulations to Professor Pawel Urban for winning the Outstanding Young Scholar Award from Shui-Mu Foundation of Chemistry.

18/02/2021    The new Q-TOF mass spectrometer has arrived.

06/01/2021    Congratulations to Rakesh for receiving awards from the NCTU for his recent publications in Chemical Reviews and Analytical Chemistry.

01/01/2021    Congratulations to Rakesh on receiving the Scholarship Award for Excellence in Research from the CTCI Foundation. The award ceremony was held in Taipei on 19/12/2020.

29/12/2020    Group lunch.

11/12/2020    Dr Urban attended the International Conference on Emergent Functional Matter Science 2020 held in Suao. He gave a talk ("Detection of volatile compounds adsorbed on surfaces by mass spectrometry and ion-mobility spectrometry").

10/12/2020    Kai-Chiang and Chi-Hsiang attended the International Conference on Emergent Functional Matter Science 2020 held in Suao. Kai-Chiang presented a poster ("Vending-machine-style skin excretion profiling").

03/12/2020    Decibel and Hsiang-Ting have attended the 4th International Caparica Christmas Conference on Sample Treatment 2020 held online. They gave shotgun presentations: "Mass spectrometric analysis of skin excretions by hydrogel-phase sampling followed by automated liquid-phase re-extraction" and "Skin sampling with a flat solid-phase extraction probe followed by on-line mass spectrometric analysis". Decibel's presentation was awarded with the Excellent Shotgun Communication Prize.