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05/12/2018    Students from the National Chu-Pei Senior High School visit our lab.

21/11/2018    Prof. Sung-Fang Chen (NTNU) visited our laboratory, and gave a lecture in our department.

27/09/2018    Dr Urban received the 21st New Faculty Research Award from the NTHU.

14/09/2018    Congratulations to Cheng-Hao and Hui-Hsien on the successful defenses of their MSc theses.

28/05/2018    Taking graduation photos (NCTU students).



23/05/2018    Dr Urban gave an invited talk ("Mass spectrometry with on-line sample preparation and delivery") in the National Sun Yat-sen University in Kaohsiung.

21/02/2018    Congratulations to Pei-Chi on the successful defense of her MSc thesis.

09/02/2018    Rakesh, Hui-Hsien, and Hao-Chun participate in the 2018 NTHU-KAIST-KYOTO (NKK) Junior Chemists Symposium held in the NTHU. Rakesh gives an oral presentation ("Programmable sample flow rate scanner for evaluating the type of detector sensitivity"). Hui-Hsien and Hao-Chun present posters ("Recording kinetics of continuous liquid-liquid extraction by means of real-time mass spectrometry" and "Automated fizzy extraction as a convenient way of sample treatment prior to mass spectrometric analysis").


16/01/2018    Dr Urban gave an invited talk ("Sampling and analyzing metabolites and drugs in skin excretions") in the 2018 Bilateral Symposium on Cutting-Edge Chemistry between Malaysia and Taiwan.

14/10/2017    Dr Urban gave an invited talk ("Skin metabolite analysis enabled by micropatch sampling and mass spectrometry") in the Mass Spectrometry For Clinical Diagnosis Conference held in Kaohsiung.

19/09/2017    Dr Urban received teaching award from the NCTU.