14/10/2017    Dr Urban gave an invited talk ("Skin metabolite analysis enabled by micropatch sampling and mass spectrometry") in the Mass Spectrometry For Clinical Diagnosis Conference held in Kaohsiung.

19/09/2017    Dr Urban received teaching award from the NCTU.

21/08/2017    Dr Ewelina Dutkiewicz - former member of the team - is visiting our new laboratory. Refurbishment is underway.

31/07/2017    Our laboratory is moving to the NTHU campus located nearby.

31/07/2017    Congratulations to Pei-Han on the successful defence of her MSc thesis.

28/06/2017    Pei-Chi Wu and Pei-Han Liu attend the Annual Conference of the TSMS held in Taichung. They present posters.

26/06/2017    Congratulations to Ewelina Dutkiewicz and Pei-Han Liu on winning the best paper award in the competition organized by DAC (1st prizes).

12/06/2017    Cake day.

05/06/2017    Cheng-Hao Chang and Rakesh Prabhu attend the 65th ASMS Conference on Mass Spectrometry and Allied Topics in Indianapolis (USA). They present posters.

25/05/2017    Taking graduation photos around the NCTU campus.



07/05/2017    Pei-Chi Wu and Rakesh Prabhu gave oral presentations in the Graduate Student Conference of the ACS International Chemical Science Chapter of Taiwan held in Taipei. Pei-Chi's presentation "Cool mist scavenging of gas-phase molecules as a new sample processing procedure" was awarded.

01/04/2017    Spring break: 01/04/2017 - 05/04/2017.

07/03/2017    We welcome Decibel Elpa who is going to carry out her PhD project in our lab.

27/02/2017    Dr Urban gave an invited video talk over the internet ("Mass spectrometry as a versatile and green analytical platform") during the International Conference on Green Chemistry & Nanotechnology (GCNOC-2017) held in St Aloysius College in Mangalore (India).

27/01/2017    Dr Urban joins the editorial board of HardwareX (Elsevier).