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24/03/2020    Congratulations to Tzu-Hsien on the successful defense of his MSc thesis.

14/02/2020    Congratulations to Decibel on passing the qualification exam to become PhD candidate.

10/01/2020    The ion mobility spectrometer has arrived in the lab, and will soon be used in our projects.

30/12/2019    Group dinner.

19/12/2019    Hsiang-Ting and Yu-Ting attend the International Conference on Emergent Functional Matter Science, and present a poster.

08/12/2019    Chun-Pei is attending the CSLT conference, and presenting a poster on the ion-mobility project.

13/11/2019    Dr Urban gave seminar lecture ("Mass Spec – old dog new tricks") in the Kaohsiung Medical University.

30/10/2019    Farewell party for Chun-Ming and Pei-Han.

22/10/2019    Congratulations to Chun-Ming and Pei-Han on the successful defenses of their MSc theses.

04/09/2019    Our team members (Prof. Urban, Chun-Pei, Kai-Chiang, and Chi-Hsiang) attended the Demo Pitch organized by MOST, and presented the progress in the development of portable platform for skin metabolite analysis.


23/07/2019    Lab dinner.

10/07/2019    We welcome the new MSc and BSc students joining our lab this summer.