Team leader

PhD candidate*

Rakesh Prabhu
    MSc, Mangalore University

PhD students*

Decibel Elpa
    MSc, University of Algarve and University of Cadiz

Noor Hidayat Abu Bakar
    MSc, University of Technology Malaysia

MSc students*

Chun-Ming Chang
    BSc, CCU

Pei-Han Liao
    BSc, NCYU

Tzu-Hsien Yang
    BSc, KMU

Oscar Chun Pei Shih
    BSc, NTHU

Yu-Ting Chao
    BSc, NTTU

Chi-Hsiang Chen 
    BSc, NKNU

Hsiang-Ting Ni
    BSc, NTHU

Tzu-Hsin Yang
    BSc, CCU

Kai-Chiang Yu
    BSc, NTHU

BSc students

Cheng-Hao Lin
    NTHU chemistry student

David Chun-Yao Hsu
    NTHU chemistry student

Ching-Wen Huang
    NTHU chemistry student

Hou-I Lee
    NTHU chemistry student

Zi-Qing Chua
    NTHU chemistry student

Administrative assistant

En-Cih Lee
    BA, NCKU

* Note: Because our group recently moved from the NCTU to the NTHU, some of the current students are formally admitted in the NCTU. From 2018 onwards, the lab admits NTHU students.