Scientific tools

Many of our projects rely on customized analytical interfaces developed by our team members. However, this instrumentation often incorporates commercial detection systems to secure acquiring high-quality data. The laboratory has two mass spectrometers. The triple quadrupole MS (Shimadzu) and the GC-MS system (with automated SPME and headspace sampling; Thermo) are utilized in several projects. The motorized fluorescence microscope (Zeiss) and the inverted fluorescence microscope (Olympus) are also available to the laboratory members.

Besides, the Laboratory for Biochemical Analysis has several daily-use pieces of equipment, including: 2D UV imaging detector (ActiPix, Paraytec), thermostated shaker, mini-thermoshaker, rotary evaporator (IKA), CO2 laser engraver, CNC engraver, power supplies (LV & HV), oscilloscope, electronic modules (digital and analog), peristaltic pump (Idex), analytical balance, digital manometer, optical densitometer, visible-light/UVA-&-UVB meters, anemometer, hot plate, breadboards, and XYZ stages.