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Biochemical Analysis I


The course is directed to graduate students who specialize or are interested in analytical, pharmaceutical, or clinical chemistry, as well as biochemistry, biotechnology, systems biology, and related areas. The main focus is on detection, analysis and characterization of biomolecules in cells and biofluids.




1. Introduction


2. Classes of biomolecules

- small molecules, metabolites

- lipids

- carbohydrates

- proteins (incl. enzymes)

- nucleic acids


3. Classical analytical techniques in biochemistry


4. Colorimetry and spectrophotometry


5. * Mid-term exam


6. Microfluidics in biochemistry


7. Affinity-based techniques in biochemistry


8. * Students’ presentations


9. Applications of biochemical analysis methods


10. * Final exam



* Final mark will be based on the results of the mid-term exam (30%), presentation (30%), and the result of the final exam (40%). Additional points (up to 15%) can be gained for active participation in the class.



Students who have completed the Analytical Chemistry course are encouraged to participate.


Study material:

Handouts will be provided for selected topics.

Useful links: (This section will be expanded.)

IUPAC Gold Book - Sample

The movie "Lorenzo's Oil"