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Analytical Chemistry, II (分析化學二)


This course covers the main instrumental analysis techniques used by chemists in the 21st century.


Contents (by topic):

1. Introduction

2. Electronic components and circuits


3. Signal processing


4. Atomic absorption spectroscopy


5. Atomic emission spectroscopy

6. * Mid-term exam I


7. Molecular absorption spectroscopy


8. Molecular emission spectroscopy


9. Infrared spectroscopy

10. Atomic mass spectrometry


11. Molecular mass spectrometry

12. * Mid-term exam II


13. Gas chromatography


14. Liquid chromatography


15. Electrophoresis


16. Radiochemical methods


17. Automated methods of analysis

18. * Final exam



* The final score will be based on the scores obtained from quizzes (20%), mid-term exams (40%), and final exam (40%).



Students who have completed Analytical Chemistry I can attend this course.


Study material:

Handouts will be provided for selected topics.

Main textbook: D.A. Skoog, F.J. Holler, S.R. Crouch, Principles of Instrumental Analysis, 7th Edition, 2017, Cengage.

Other references will be cited in the handouts and/or slides displayed on the screen.

Teacher's office hour:

Time: Friday, 14:00-15:00.

Place: Chemistry Building, room 316

Useful links: (This section will be expanded.)


Handouts (for the participants of this course only):

The handouts and other course materials are currently available in the NTHU iLMS website. You have to log in.

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