General inquiries (中文) should be directed to

Assoc. Prof. Pawel Urban (帕偉鄂本副教授)

Laboratory for Biochemical Analysis

National Tsing Hua University

Department of Chemistry

101, Section 2, Kuang-Fu Rd.

Hsinchu City, 30013


E-mail: (use this email for review requests and other queries in English)

National Tsing Hua University is located near the Hsinchu Science and Industrial Park.

Arriving in the Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport (Taipei): Take shuttle bus to the High Speed Rail (HSR) Station in Taoyuan, and then take the train to the Hsinchu HSR Station. From the Hsinchu HSR Station (n.b. located in the town of Jhubei near Hsinchu), take TAXI, and go directly to the Chemistry Building in the NTHU campus. Alternatively, one can take shuttle bus from the Hsinchu HSR Station to Kuang-Fu Road (bus stop called "National Tsing Hua University"), and then walk to the main gate of the NTHU.

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