Symposium 2 - 2017

STP2 poster

The second Set Theoretic Pluralism Symposium will be held on June 20–25, 2017, at the University of Bristol.

To register, please email and include the following information:
  • Name and affiliation.
  • Whether you would like to attend the conference dinner, scheduled for Thursday 22 June, 2017. Places are limited and will be allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.
  • Any dietary restrictions or preferences.
  • Which days you plan to attend the symposium, if you are not attending the entire event.
Participants include:
  • Sy David Friedman (Vienna)
  • Peter Koellner (Harvard)
  • Philip Welch (Bristol)
  • Hugh Woodin (Harvard)
  • Toby Meadows (Queensland)
  • Giorgio Venturi (Campinas)
  • Sean Walsh (UC Irvine)
  • Carolin Antos (Vienna)
  • Neil Barton (Vienna)
  • Benedict Eastaugh (Bristol)
  • Colin Rittberg (VU Brussels)
  • Zeynep Soysal (Harvard)
Topics will include:
  1. The Hyperuniverse
  2. Inner Model Theory
  3. Ultimate L
  4. Formalist and Conceptual Analysis
  5. Absolute Undecidability
  6. Models of relativism
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