Welcome to the website for the Set Theoretic Pluralism (STP) network. This network is funded by a Leverhulme International Network grant and is hosted by the University of Bristol. The network is led by Toby Meadows (Principal Investigator) and coordinated by Benedict Eastaugh (Postdoctoral Researcher).

The network draws together experts in mathematics and philosophy to grapple with the increasingly popular idea that mathematical reality may be best understood as fractured and indeterminate. Solving the underlying problems requires knowledge of tools developed separately in metaphysics and set theory. STP provides an avenue to cross-pollination between these disciplines and lays groundwork for a better understanding of mathematical foundations. 

STP focuses on transcending boundaries between: the disciplines of philosophy and mathematics; and researcher maturity levels. STP will convene in two symposia in 2016 and 2017. An edited volume from the symposia will be published.

Network partners include:
  1. Harvard University;
  2. The University of Bristol;
  3. The University of Aberdeen;
  4. The University of Vienna;
  5. The University of Helsinki; and
  6. The University of California (Irvine).