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Royal Plumbing provides a wide range of Corpus Christi plumber services to address any of your plumbing needs. Whether you have a broken pipe, leaky faucet, running toilet, clogged drain, or a bad garbage disposal call on us and we will solve your plumbing problems. We provide quality work at reasonable prices, and also all of our work is backed with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our highly trained staff always strives to please. In fact, we will make sure you are pleased and will not stop working on your plumbing problems until you are satisfied.

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Choosing a plumber can be a puzzle you would like to do without. Already having a problem with drain, sewer, blocked toilet or leaking tap, or significant water damage, you do not want to have more. Here are some tips that can help you find a competent and reliable plumber.

An Accredited Plumber
Specific rules and regulations govern the construction industry to ensure the quality and safety of the services offered.

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First Contact With A Plumber

This step is important and allows you to judge if you can go further in this step with this company.

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Make sure you have all the answers you want during this first contact. Ask if he is a member of his corporation, if he has liability insurance (mandatory for any quality contractor), if he offers a guarantee on his work and on the equipment he installs.

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Is it a company that has developed a quality expertise and reputation over time? Talk to an advisor who takes the time to assess your needs. Is he in a position to advise you adequately?

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Several factors can influence the price of services offered by a plumber. It is not always easy to find oneself. Be alert. Some companies will charge you the work on time while others will do it in a lump-sum way.

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Mostly for small jobs and emergency, billing will consist of an hourly rate and the equipment used. Transport charges at an hourly rate may apply depending on your place of residence.

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But the hourly rate is not the only criterion you need to monitor. When a plumbing company gives you an estimate, ask what is stated in the price and what is not. Check that the hourly rate as well as the estimated time, travel costs and the entire equipment are understood.

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You must also compare a quote with other identical ones in quality. The submission of a company may include equipment and equipment of lower quality than another. Ensure that the parts and appliances offered are of the same quality and that they are approved devices and parts.

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In most cases, installed devices are warranted by the manufacturer. This does not always have the same longevity as the guarantee of the work of your plumber.

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A lower hourly rate is not always a sign of satisfaction. Too low a price should alert you. A non-accredited plumber at a lower hourly rate may take much longer to carefully analyze your problem and offer you effective solutions.

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You may also have jobs that you will have to resume later. Resuming badly done jobs involves you time to uninstall what needs to be redone and resume installation.

A lower hourly rate may also hide equipment costs that you did not anticipate, overtime charges, holiday expenses, minimum time charged, delays or more expensive transportation costs.

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