Skype GD Plugin (BETA)

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The Skype Plugin allows you to :
  • See your Skype Credit
  • View & call your favorite Skype users
  • Call your favorite Skype Out friends/colleagues
  • SMS all your friends, and
  • Quick dial everyone else

all on the Google Desktop. 

Now upgraded for GD Version 5!

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System Requirements
Installation Instructions
Version Information

System Requirements

Google Desktop5.8.0809.23506-en-pbDownload Google Desktop
Skype4.0.0.206Download Skype


Installation Instructions

1. After clicking on Download Now, choose "Open"


2.Choose "Yes"


3. Wait for Installation to complete


4. Choose "Yes"


5.Choose "Allow this program to use Skype"


Version Information

Current Version2.0.0.8 Beta
File Size152 Kb
Release Date16 February 2009
Operating SystemWindows XP
LanguageEnglish, Deutsch, Español, Føroyskt - Improved processing speed - Updated options and menu functions - Updated Faroese Translation - Faroese Translation - German Translation - Spanish Translation & efficiency improvements - Improved Skype Credit link - Google Desktop Ver 5, Skype PM (3.1),  Skype4Com.dll (
1.1.1 - Updated About. Skype4Com.dll (
1.1.0 - Added SMS & Chat. Skype4Com.dll (
1.0.5 - Upgraded to Skype4Com.dll (
1.0.4 - Improved installation/stability
1.0.3 - Handle dialling errors
1.0.2 - Status icon improvement
1.0.1 - Add users, skype out, quick dial and status
1.0.0 - Initial release - Skype credit display



Please note this plugin has not been endorsed or certified by Google or Skype in any way and should be used entirely at your own risk.