Connection manager for PL/SQL Developer

This plugin allow you to manage the connection profiles, save in hirearchy and with or without passwords. Passwords can be encrypted with master password. Storing password is very safe with this plugin. All passwords are encrypted with AES with strong key. On first load of plugin new machine key is generated and this key is used to encrypt password. If you set Master password, than key generated from it is also use to encrypt passwords. And last security feature is checking of modification configuration file.

Connection manager also has many features to help organization connection profiles. Other nice function is to show information about current connection.
Connection manager support multi-monitor configuration, all windows are always displayed on the same monitor as PL/SQL Developer.

Supported PL/SQL Developer versions

This plugin is working with PL/SQV Developer version 7.1 and higher, except version 9.0.0 due to bug in PL/SQL Developer. In version 9.0.1 is working again.

Currently I am working on a new version that supports 64-bit version of PL / SQL Developer.


If you want to support the development of new versions or appreciate the work done so far, you can donate. Thank you all. Notes to indicate whether you want to be published on this website if you do not specify your name will not be published.