First International Workshop on

Product Line Requirements Engineering and Quality (PLREQ'10)

Held in conjunction with REFSQ 2010, Essen, Germany

The workshop focuses on quality aspects in requirements engineering for software product lines. Traditional approaches for quality requirements and variability management do not fully address the problems associated with quality requirements during variability modeling, product instantiation and product line evolution. In the workshop, novel approaches, emerging ideas and tools as well as industrial experiences to deal with qualities are discussed. Furthermore, the workshop will provide an interactive environment between researchers and practitioners.


Quality in product line engineering is of major importance. In an organization with product lines, only good quality domain engineering artifacts are internally accepted by the engineers. Any quality flaws impact several products. However, this is also complicated by the fact that different products of a product line might be characterized by differences in quality requirements. Therefore, approaches should deal with variability in quality requirements as well. Recent advances have also shown that quality requirements effect the selection of artifacts during product instantiation.

The workshop provides a forum to discuss issues, novel approaches and tools within the area product line requirements engineering and quality engineering. Particular topics for the workshop include, but are not restricted to:

•    Quality requirements and variability
•    Infrastructures to improve quality in product line engineering
•    Quality metrics for product lines
•    Quality aspects of product line architecture
•    Quality aspects in distributed product line engineering
•    Empirical studies in the area of product line requirements engineering focusing on quality aspects
•    Agile requirements engineering and quality
•    Quality assurance in product line requirements engineering
•    Application of data mining and machine learning techniques for software quality
•    Impact of product line engineering on quality and vice versa
•    Security requirements in product line engineering
•    Project and process qualities

We welcome papers on theoretical foundations, empirical evaluation, and experience reports describing problems, needs, novel approaches and frameworks within the scope of the workshop.

Types of Contributions

Full papers (12 pages) describe problems, needs, novel approaches and frameworks within the scope of the workshop. Evaluations of new approaches are to be included in a full paper. Empirical evaluation papers and industrial experience reports are also welcome for submissions.

Position papers (6 pages) state the position of the authors within the scope of the workshop, and can describe solution concepts in a premature state.

Posters and demo papers (1-3 pages) summarize work results.

Submission and Publication

Refereed papers will be published as workshop proceedings. To be considered for review, submissions must be formatted in the LNCS style, The workshop proceedings will be published in the computer science series of technical reports at the University of Hildesheim (ISSN-number 0941-3014).

Submission will be possible from the workshop homepage via EasyChair. Each submission will be reviewed by three members from the program committee. Papers will be accepted based on originality, relevance to the workshop and their potential for discussion. For accepted papers, at least one author should participate at the workshop and register for the workshop at RefsQ’10 conference.
The workshop expects researchers and practitioners in the area of product line requirements engineering. Based on discussions and social networking, the workshop contributes:

Stronger cooperation between researchers and practitioners within product line requirements engineering, which could lead to a community focusing on quality.
Open issues, novel approaches and potential, future research directions in the areas of quality engineering and product line requirements engineering.

Note: Workshop proceedings available as an ICB report.
ISSN 1860‐2770 (Print) and ISSN 1866‐5101 (Online).