Ideally, students moving through the Personal Learning Framework will move into the Transformation phase after completing the Identity and Growth and Reflection stages.

Different programs will view the period and goals of the Transformation phase through the lens of their learning program and structure. Teams who are single grade may look at advancement to the next grade as the key transformative process. Those teaching 8th graders will be preparing students for the transformation to high-school.

The Transformation process can be applied across the personal learning spectrum -- students, teachers, and adults can all use the Personal Learning Framework to achieve transformation. Finally, in conjunction with the long-term goal-setting process, the Transformation phase can help focus personal learning programs and implementation. 


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A significant element of our Transformation process is allowing students to explore the different options awaiting them in their next learning phase. In years past, we often focused on secondary educational opportunities. However, we have started to shift our focus to immediate opportunities, particularly those occurring in the summer and close to home. We hope that by supporting students in their personal explorations close to home, we can help them find afford
able, easy-to-reach opportunities that can bridge students into their high school and secondary education.

Here's a short presentation that we utilize to begin the Exploration process.