General Resources

Middle Grades Philosophy and Practice
  Personalized Learning  in Vermont Proficiency Based Education

Flexible Pathways

Digital Citizenship
Growth and Reflection

A bank of resources for digital tools to be used in the reflection process/products.

Reflection resources on the Tarrant site.

Snagit screen capture allows you to grab an image or video of what you see on your computer screen, add effects, and share with anyone.


Career Explorer

Career Explorer has an aptitude test and career education information to help you find training or a job in the career that's right for you.

Start where you are VT

Resources from VSAC

Gear Up VT

Get students OUT to campuses
 Resources Gathered by Teachers for Teachers

These resources were accumulated by teachers working through 
the Personalized Learning strand of the 2015 Middle Grades Institute. 

Thanks especially to Milton Middle School.

Setting Goals
Video: A Pep Talk from Kid President.
Catchy and instructive rap about setting SMART goals.
A bank of books, websites, and blogs related to goal-setting.

Goals resources on the Tarrant site.

Reflection resources on the Tarrant site.

Creating Bumper Stickers: (put on netbooks? planner?)

Transferable Skills and Performance Indicators

Goal-Setting Resources on the Tarrant Institute Site
 Project Based Education

Genre Based Literacy and PLPs

Action Research 
 Educational History & School Reform
Hazen Union Example

YouTube Video



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    Digital Citizenship

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