Form and Template

A key decision for the implementation of your school or district's personal learning plan program is the platform and template that will be utilized. Participants should thoughtfully consider what criteria, standards, proficiencies, and skills will be demonstrated by the personal learning plan. Educators also review the Agency of Vermont's Personal Learning Plan's Critical Elements checklist for personal learning plans, the Transferable Skills, and the Agency's Critical Elements web page.

Here is one example of a personal learning plan template utilized by Main Street Middle School in Montpelier. The school is using Google Sites for thebase model and pages of the template align with the Transferable Skills, elements of personal learning identified in Act 77, and reflects the values of community, personalization, and citizenship emphasized in the district.

Be aware that the template needs to be created prior to student implementation. The Google site can be created, then saved as a template. Once this is completed, students will select the template from the Google template gallery.

Here is another PLP template being utilized this year in the Swift House at Williston Central School. Note the use of the sidebar as a navigational aid for students, teachers, and parents.