Parent Conferences & Outreach

Based on questions and input from educators, it has become clear that communicating the concepts and principles of personalized learning plans and the transferable skills to parents is an area that needs attention. Please review the materials below as examples from the field of how teachers and teams are engaging with parents. You might also want to review this blog entry detailing steps to consider when creating a parent communication plan.


Student PLP Profile ‎‎(Parent Copy)‎‎

Swift House at Williston Central School uses a PLP profile that is completed by both student and parent. This helps Swift House get a better understanding of their students while simultaneously engaging with parents.
Team Summit at Main Street Middle School in Montpelier used this letter to begin their educational stream of information to parents. After introducing the concept of a PLP based conference to parents at Open House, this letter was attached to progress reports in an effort to inform parents about PLPs and to prepare them for student-led conferences.

Copy of Team Summit PLP Description