The heart of the Personal Learning Plan Pathway is the Personal Learning Framework. The Framework guides both students and teachers through the process of establishing the identity of the learner, establishing goals, and collecting evidence of student growth. At each stage of the process, students are asked to reflect on their progress with the assistance of teachers, parents, and the community. Over time, the personal learning plan developed by the student will identify long-term goals, the multiple pathways towards achieving those goals, and communicate the student's transformation over time.

Teachers and students can use the guiding questions in each stage of the Framework to guide students in the creation of their personal learning plan. Developing the answers to these questions and accumulating evidence to support those answers through academic, personal, and community experience drives the growth of the learning plan and can assist students and teachers to develop appropriate academic experiences that support student goals.

The Personal Learning Plan becomes the method through which individual students can develop a deeper understanding of their identity and place in the community, reflect on their growth over time both in and out of the classroom, and how, through that growth and reflection, students transform in preparation for their next life or learning stage.