Lesachtal, Plöckenpass, Nassfeld & more

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 May 30th 2017
June 3rd 2017

Iris, age 72, tired and retired bicyclist
Road bike Tour to Lesachtal, Plöckenpass, Nassfeld & more (Austria / Italy)
Review of the bike Tour

Time to work on white biking spots. No time for stall...,  

We fade away too young, so much left undone...

enjoy the pictures and the report. Good luck to our followers

1. day: Tuesday May 30th 2017:

With a direct and fast train to Lienz (East Tirol / Austria), ride then towards Oberdrauburg,  ride the Drautalradweg until Tassenbach. Turn in to Kaditsch Sattel (height 1.530 m)  and ride until Obertilliach. Night at Gasthof Andreas Obertilliach.
Day distance: 85 kilometers.

 good timing:
 body fuel stop at the Galitzenklamm:
 Iris on the Drau - valley bicycle trail:
 At Obertillach. the believe on the fire watch man:
 Highest point of today:
our hotel at Obertilliach
 that's what they say in our hotel: 

2nd day: May 31st 2017: 
ride the up's and down's of the Lesachtal Valley. At Kötschach-Mauthen turned in into the Plöckenpass road. A rest at the Plöckenhaus (about 2 Kilometers before the summit Passo Paluzza). We gained so much power to continue our ride.
Down to Tolmezzo and further to the "Kanaltal" (Friuli).
There, we found the bike trail Tarvisio - Grado. FTG1. Please google the trail. A bike trail project which leads from Salzburg to Grado. Unfortunately the part throughout the city of Udine is not finished. It is wise to use a navigation device to get you though the city. It is on the old railroad, whereas they have removed the rails and paved the trail. Tunnels are enlighten automatically. 
Night stop at Pontebba.
Day distance: 135 kilometers (many kilometers downhill) 

  A continuous up and down - like in real life
 Gaining power by a reasonable long rest - 1 mile before top

Passo Paluzza (Plöckenpass on Italien side):


 scenic winding downhill road
 in the far: Iris riding down a gallery at passo Paluzza
 Tolmezzo "memorial"
 dry creeks at "Kanaltal" - Trump: no climate change - jobs...!
 riding on the freeway shoulder - it's over soon
 dry, dry creeks

FTG1 bike trail: one of the best explorations we did on this tour!
On the number of uploaded pictures you may guess how exiting we have been about this trail...

 turn in into FTG1 bike trail:
 that's the paved trail on old railroad tracks
 when passing a railroad tunnel: light flashes on automatically
 on the trail: riding about 40 kilometers with a tail wind is just fun
 the trail has about 3 degrees gradient - train engines can not do more - tired bicyclists either
 watching the river flow - from the bike trail
 nearby the trail:
 even cats enjoy the trail:
 arriving at Pontebba: Benvenuti!
 artists of Pontebba - Michelangelo look at this:
 another artist: fire wood storage:
 some ice cream shop impresses with "floor arts":
 Pontebba ice cream bar: last guests leaving:

3rd day: June 1st 2017: 
ride the up the Nassfeld Pass and down towards the Gail valley.
We found an interesting bike trail: R3 (Kötschach - Villach). Just beautiful. Away from the traffic. The bike trail is paved, except the last part. Close to Arnoldstein there is a dry compact gravel road. A bit winding up and down... At Arnoldstein we catched the train to Villach and changed there to a train to Vienna.
Another challenge: a landslide stopped the train. We have been detoured by bus and continued the train ride hours later. Our arrival in Vienna: the next day 03:30 in the morning. No connecting train to our home at Brunn am Gebirge. What to do: ride, ride, ride the bike... 
day distance: 85 kilometers

Nassfeld (Passo Promollo):

 slowly it gets serious:

A motivational fuel stop just before the summit:


Nassfeld Austrian side:

 sorry for lacking uploaded pictures...
The Austrian side of Nassfeld has been so steep that I stayed on bike until the end of downhill
 end of downhill:

Gail bike trail R3 (another exploration):

 the gravel part of the Gail valley trail:
 On the train: full of bikes...

End of tour