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Let's change this image.   Let's change the future.



Victorian teachers have a strong presence on twitter. #VicPLN is the hashtag used by Victorian Educators on Twitter and is also used by State Library Victoria and School Library Association of Victoria as a hashtag for their Personal Learning Network. It has grown to be a strong network of educators, used to share, inspire, question and connect across the world.  

The strength of #VicPLN and other online networks is the dedicated, hard working and reflective teachers who are at  the heart of education, the classroom. Each day these educators use the #VicPLN hashtag to build and refine ideas in a connected network.

We now want to take that one step further and believe that with the strength of the Victorian Learning Network we can create change.  Together we can contribute and collaborate towards creating a better future for education. 

Let's harness our collective passion for education by making our voices heard.


Victoria a Learning Community

On the 15th November, the Government released a consultation draft of The Compact, a companion document to 'Towards Victoria as a Learning Community.'

The document provides details about roles and responsibilities of government school, regions and central office in relation to school autonomy and professional trust.

As a collective of grass roots teachers, who are not currently being asked to participate in educational debates and discussion, we see this as an opportunity to enable teachers' voice.  

Teachers: A great, yet untapped, source for policy makers.