Professional Development Graphic

Welcome to my Professional Learning Leader Site. This website was created for completion of the  Leading Edge Certification for Professional Learning Leader

As the world and technology evolve, so does how educational organizations can conduct skills training and professional development. Ongoing learning experiences for educators is critical for the successful transference of new content to students or adult learners. Education has had a long standing battle with time- there is never enough of it.  How can we best utilize technology to assist with this? 

The following web pages will help introduce ways to effectively give educators new and ongoing professional development through the use technology platforms and models that can greater empower the adult learner. 


My Personal Learning Network

An important aspect for the current educator is the creation and use of a Personal Learning Network (PLN). A PLN is one of several ways that an educator can use the power of the Internet for continued learning and development. In addition, many innovative and creative ideas on how to enhance a lesson can be found through PLN's. The other great aspect of a PLN is meeting other like-minded individuals whom you can grow to rely and collaborate with when brainstorming how to improve on a project or idea. 

This graphic represents my own PLN. What does your PLN look like?