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Brief CV

Tord Høivik was born in Oslo in 1942. He received a MA in statistics from the University of Oslo in 1969 and held a post-graduate research scholarship in international development studies from the Norwegian Research Council from 1969 till 1972. From 1973 till 1977 he was associate professor of sociology at the University of Oslo, and from 1977 till 1991 senior researcher at the International Peace Research Institute, Oslo. In the period 1984-1986 he directed the institute. From 1992 till 2012 he was associate professor in library and information science at the Faculty of Social Sciences at Oslo and Akershus University of Applied Sciences. After retirement in 2012 he works as a senior consultant to the LATINA Laboratory at this university.

In the regular program of studies Tord Høivik has taught social science methods and library management. He has a particular interest in strategic management and innovation, in the organizational impact of WWW, in social indicators, and in digital reference work. He also teaches extra-mural courses in advanced reference work, in web design and in teaching methods for librarians.Tord Høivik is strongly committed to the web as a tool for teaching and research. He writes several blogs on library subjects, with a special emphasis on statistics. He was a member of the IFLA Statistics and Evaluation section from 2007 till 2015. including four years as the elected Secretary (2011-15).

Tord Høivik has written text books in social science methodology (Measures and methods, Oslo, Scandinavian University Books, 1974) and in social science information retrieval (Information retrieval for social scientists [both in Norwegian]), Oslo, Universitetsforlaget, 1982) as well as professional articles in methodology, in peace research, and in library and information science. Many recent articles have been devoted to library statistics.He has been a visiting lecturer in social science methodology (one term) at the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (69/70), a senior lecturer in statistics at the Chuo cha Ushirika (Cooperative College) in Moshi, Tanzania (two years: 74-75), and a visiting researcher (3 months) at Yale University, New Haven (1977). He has directed many international courses in peace research and conflict resolution in Europe as well as in Latin America, Africa and Asia.

Since 2008 he has co-directed a summer course on e-learning and digital libraries for international students at Oslo and Akershus University College in collaboration with Professor Helge Høivik (LATINA/Lab). He is also involved in the production of similar courses in other countries: Finland (2010), China (2011), Uganda (2012), Palestine (2011-13), South Africa (2014).