This site is a guide to the web resources I produce myself.
It includes resources where I participate as a collaborator, like LATINA and IFLA Statistics and Evaluation Section.

Contact information

  • E-mail: tordhoivik[@]gmail.com – remove square brackets
  • Cell phone: +(47) 97543721
  • Twitter name: Plinious
  • Skype name: Plinius40
  • Work address: Pilestredet 48, Oslo, NORWAY
  • My office is in the LATINA Lab inside the Learning Center on the ground floor:
  • Home address: Ingelstun 43, 2022 Gjerdrum (Wp), 

General sites

English and multimedia


I enjoy the web as a conversational medium. Comments are welcome. Disagreement is fine.

Ordinary rules of netiquette (Wp) apply: civility, relevance, and a dash of humourOn the web, I mostly blog or twitter. At other links activity is sporadic and highly variable.

I find Twitter very useful as a tool for teaching, networking and professional awareness in general. When I write, I use Twitter to share interesting resources and to respond quickly to events. I usually post several items every day, mixing English and Norwegian. 

As of June 2014 the account had 900+ subscribers. The people I follow (about 500) keep me updated on the resources they find and the news they respond to. I try to follow quite a number of people and organizations that I disagree with. 

Recent videos

LATINA sites

Much of my current work is related to the LATINA program.

LATINA is a change-oriented digital training program at Oslo and Akershus University College. Our goal is to provide teachers, students and professional people with the technical, social and conceptual tools they need to operate successfully in a web-based world. The program staff combine strong links to libraries with a strong commitment to teaching and educational design. 

Recent events


  • LATINA Manual. A small test site using Google Sites
  • LATINA. Big collection of links from the LATINA program. 

Statistical sites


Recent events


Other sites and pages

  • Plinius is my main blog for work-related posts - but also for anything else that may pop up. The blog exists in an English version (pliny.wordpress.com) and a Norwegian one (plinius.wordpress.com). The contents seldom overlap. 
  • Samstat is a Norwegian blog focused on library statistics. I publish this on behalf of the Norwegian Cooperation Committee for Library Statistics (Samstat is a network of user organizations). But I often write about statistics at Plinius as well.
  • Global statistics for advocacy (GLOSSA) is a project blog in English. I publish this on behalf of IFLA's Statistics and Evaluation Section, as project cooordinator.
  • LATINA Africa 2012 is a project blog for a training course that was organized in June 2012 in Uganda, by the Makerere University Library and the LATINA Lab.