Adding content

As soon as you are logged into your Google Site you can begin adding content-- text, images, videos and more.

When you start, your Site has one page-- the Home page.  This is the page visitors will see first when they visit your Site.  To make changes to your Home page (or "landing page") click Edit at the top of your screen.

edit button

Now you are behind the scenes in your Site.  You will see your editing toolbar at the top of the screen.

edit toolbar

Many of these tools are similar to those you might use in Word or another word processing software-- bold, italics, underline, bullets and lists, indents and justification.  Here is a list of some useful tools in Google Sites:
  • Insert:  allows you to easily add images, links, slideshows and more to your Site
  • Format:  used for increasing heading size, strikethroughs and superscripts
  • Table:  easily add a table of any size to your page
  • Layout: customize the look of any individual page by adding columns or sidebars
When you're done adding content to your page, just click "Save" at the top of your screen and your changes will be updated immediately.