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The Menu


Soup of the day                                                                    £2.95    (v)
Homemade soup served with crusty bread and butter.

Crispy Garlic Mushrooms                                                      £3.85    (v)
Button mushrooms coated in our homemade garlic batter and served with crisp salad leaves and sweet chili dip.

Chef's Sticky Ribs                                                                £5.50
Pork ribs slow cooked in our chef's secret recipe sauce until the meat falls off the bone.  Served with crusty bread and butter.

Hot 'n' Spicy Chicken Wings                                                  £4.95
Juicy wings in our own herb & chili breadcrumbs served with a cool garlic mayo.

Cajun Surf n' Turf Skewers                                                    £5.95                New
Marinated king prawns & strips of beef  skewered and grilled and served with  salad & sour cream dip.

Tempura King Prawns                                                            £5.15                New
King prawns encased in crisp tempura batter served with salad & sweet chili sauce.

Mozarella Kickers                                                                 £3.95    (v)
Stringy mozzarella in our own herb and chili breadcrumbs served with a sour cream and chive dip.

Salt & Pepper Squid                                                               £4.75
Squid rings in a light corn flour batter with a hint of sea salt and pepper.


Skins                                                                                  £4.25

Crisp jacket potato skins stuffed with a choice of filling and topped with grilled cheese. Choose your filling from - garlic mushrooms, chili beef, chili chicken, three bean chili, shredded sticky rib, ham & cheese, mushroom & blue cheese, or shredded cajun chicken. Can also be ordered as a starter.

Burgers  All burgers served with fries & salad.

            The Pleuchies Burger                                               £8.25
            A local legend. 6 oz beef burger topped with roasted ham and local cheddar cheese.
               Spicy Three Bean Burger                                           £7.25    (v)
               Mixed beans, onions and peppers bound in gram flour and fried till crisp. 
            Brunch Burger                                                          £9.50
            6 oz beef burger topped with mushrooms, black pudding, bacon, a fried egg and onion  rings.
               Chili Burger                                                             £9.25
               6 oz beef burger topped with beef, chicken or three bean chili and local cheddar cheese. 
            Monster Burger                                                       £10.25
            8 oz beef burger topped with shredded pork, onions and local cheese.
            Louisiana Lunch Box                                               £13.95                New
               6 oz barbecued beef burger & a butterfly cajun chicken breast topped with 8 crisp rashers of 
               smoked bacon, 3 cheeses & 6 onion rings, all in a burger roll & served with salad & mayo. Not
               for the fainthearted!
            Fisherman's Bun                                                       £8.85                New
            Strips of battered haddock in a toasted ciabatta with gem lettuce and home made tartar sauce.
               Chicken, Bacon & Brie                                               £8.95
               Butterflied chicken breast topped with crisp bacon & melting brie.


            Nachos                                                                   £7.95
            Tortilla chips topped with a choice of beef, chicken or three bean chili topped with cheese &
                jalapenos. Served with salad  & guacamole, sour cream and tomato salsa dips.
            Vegetarian                                                              £9.95    (v)
            Crispy garlic mushrooms, mozzarella kickers, three bean chili, skins, homemade onion rings
                & hand cut fat chips. Served with salad & dips.
            Meat Feast                                                            £10.95
            Chefs sticky ribs, hot 'n' spicy chicken wings, columbian style meatballs, homemade onion rings             
            & skins. Served with salad & dips.
               Firebrand - Hot!!!                                                  £10.95                New
            Kickin' chicken drummers, cajun prawn skewers, beef chili skins, piri piri onion rings, & 
               barbecued fat chips served with salad and dips.

Classic Ceasar Salad                                                           £4.95                New
Ceasar Cardini's classic salad of crisp lettuce leaves & crunchy croutons dressed with parmesan cheese, lemon juice, olive oil, egg, Worcestershire sauce, garlic, and black pepper.

Ceasar Salad - Mexican style                                               £6.95                New
As above - but with tortilla strips rather than croutons and pieces of crispy bacon & chicken thrown in. Served with or without jalapenos.

Parma Ham & Walnut Salad                                                   £5.95                New

A walnut, red onion & yellow  pepper salad topped with roses of Parma ham and a drizzle of sweet balsamic reduction.

Cajun Chicken Wrap                                                             £8.25

Cajun marinated chicken strips, char grilled , with salad and mayo inside a soft white wrap.

Steak & Cheese Wrap                                                            £8.95

Strips of beef fried with onions, mushrooms and blue cheese inside a soft white wrap.

Chili                                                                                   £8.95

Choice of beef, chicken or three bean chili. Served with rice, fries or salad.

Sizzling Fajitas                                                                    £8.95

Beef, chicken or king prawn cooked with onions and peppers and  seasoned with our own blend of herbs and spices. Served with wraps, salad, dips and hand cut fat chips.

Enchiladas                                                                           £9.25

Baked tortilla wrap stuffed with beef, chicken or three bean chili, wrapped and topped with a rich tomato sauce and cheese then baked in the oven. Served with a side salad.

Colombian Style Meatballs                                                    £9.25

Beef and pork meatballs cooked in a rich red wine and pepper ragu. Served on aromatic spiced rice.

Lomo Saltado                                                                       £9.95

The signature dish from the menu. Peruvian stir fry style dish using strips of beef, potatoes, yellow peppers, spices and seasoning.  Well worth a try.

Moulles Frites                                                                      £7.25

Classic Shetland mussels cooked in white wine and cream with shallots a touch of  garlic & thyme. Served with herb salted fries sand a side salad.  Also available as a starter - small or mains size.

Chef's Fish Stew                                                                   £8.25

A mixture of market fish and new potatoes cooked in a spicy white wine and tomato sauce . Served with crusty bread and garlic aioli.

Bangers & Mash American Style                                            £12.95                New 

Local pork bangers, grilled and then sat on a cheesy champ & corn mash (with or without jalpenos) topped with crisp cajun onion strings and served with a smokey barbecue gravy. (The original version of this was made with Alligator Bangers - we did ask the local Butcher - his face was a picture!)

From The Grill                                                                     £17.95

10 oz sirloin, rib eye or rump steak. Served with hand cut fat chips, roasted mushroom, grilled tomato and onion marmalade and a choice of sauces (pepper, whisky, bourbon, brandy, dianne, or mushroom & stilton). 

If you fancy Surf on the Turf (any off he above steaks with either garlic prawns, scampi or salt & pepper squid) please ask - adds £2.50 to the above price.

Sides  £2.95

Onion Rings. French Fries. Hand Cut Fat Chips. Coleslaw. Wasabi Coleslaw.
Side Slad. Rice. Garlic Bread, Garlic Bread with Cheese.

Choice of desserts. Tea & Coffee