Several people have written to this site to enquire about Plessey pensions, either on their own behalf or because they are seeking to trace a spouses' pension to which they are now entitled.  I have no more information than is given below.  If you know, or find out, anything more then I will be pleased to hear in order that it may be passed on to others by adding it to this page.

First the caveat.  I am not a financial advisor and I have no involvement with pensions schemes. I think that what is written here is correct, but I cannot be sure about this. Do not rely on it. 

When Plessey was taken over by GEC and Siemens it was split up between those two companies. The Plessey Pension fund was split also.

In my case I transferred to the GEC Pension Scheme. Subsequent annual statements had two key parts: pension entitlement being built up through service with GEC together with my AVC contributions (which GEC called SBS); and a pension from funds transferred in - this is what happened to my Plessey Pension.

I was in that part of GEC that was later sold to British Aerospace. My pension with GEC became the BAE Systems 2000 Pension Scheme.

If your employment has taken a similar route then the contact address you need is
  BAE Systems Pension Scheme
  PO Box 249
  Hants GU14 6BR
phone 0845 601 4762 or + 44 1252 383810

A former employee of the Plessey Sunderland / South Shields business has told me that his Plessey Pension fund is held by
  100 Holdenhurst Road,
  Bournemouth, BH8 8AL 0845 9600900.

A former employee at the Addlestone site tells me that when he left in 1972 Plessey took out some form of annuity that also ended up with Abbey Life, and that some years after he retired he discovered the relevant paperwork and obtained from Abbey Life (at the address above) what he was due to.

If  'your' part of Plessey went to Siemens then you need to contact Siemens - sorry but I don't have any details.

If  'your' business was subject to any form of management buy-out or sell-off then the pension arrangements made will be individual to that business.

If you remain at a loss to know where your occupational pension has gone then there is a Pension Tracing Service run by the government's Dept for Work & Pensions,
contact them on 0845 6002 537
write to them at
  Pension Tracing Service
  The Pension Service
  Tyneview Park
  Whitley Road
  Newcastle upon Tyne
  NE98 1BA
or visit their website at

There is, of course, a further possibility.  Some people will have taken the opportunity to have a refund of pension payments if they only worked for Plessey for a short time, and others will have taken the opportunity to transfer to some form of Personal Pension Scheme,  in which case there may be no entitlement to a pension from an occupational scheme.

A copy of the material provided to employees by the trustees circa 1990 can be seen at (archived from


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