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building frontage This is the nostalgia site for all staff who ever worked for Plessey at Addlestone, Weybridge, Surrey, UK.

Our reunion on Friday evening 15th April 2016 was attended by 140 people and was considered by all to be a resounding success.

It is amazing that more than 25 years after the company was taken over in a hostile bid, and over 15 years since the site was closed, former employees meet with such enthusiasm to reminisce and to catch up with what their friends and colleagues have been doing since.

Reunions have been held about every two years.  Our previous ones had been in a hall in Weybridge, but this is no longer available and so Tony, who organises the reunions, had to find a new venue - the new Addlestone Community Centre not far from where the Plessey site had been.  The centre provided an excellent hall with ample parking nearby.  The one drawback was that they have no bar so arrangements had to be made to provide our own licenced facility.

The reunion made a small profit which will be donated to a local hospice.

If you wish to be kept informed of future events then email us so that you will be on our list of people to notify

Please pass the information about this site and our the reunions on to anyone else who might be interested, and invite them to use the email link below to be notified of future events.



  Intelligence on Display  (a 1984 brochure)
  Technically Speaking (1984 enginering dept newsletter) 

The end of the site 

A new beginning 

Material not specifically related to Addlestone: a history of the Plessey company; also Ilford and pensions .

Reunions organised by Tony Shore
Information mounted on the Internet by Neil Bartlett.

The last emailed message to those on the mail list was prior to the 2016 reunion. If you thought you were on the list but did not get the message then this might be because you have changed your email address - quite a few messages bounced back, I guess because the addressee has changed their ISP or employer.  Please send me your current email address so that I can keep in touch.


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