Abstract for HSU MATW Project in Bioregional Composition

Learning, Literacy, and Landscape

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The Bioregional Classroom

My project seeks to examine the role of place in composition studies, with particular attention to the ways in which awareness of one’s physical location and relationship to one’s environment are instrumental in the development of critical thinking and learning to write. I assert that “place-based” pedagogy allows composition studies to become interdisciplinary, thus widening the range of contextual factors considered in the production of discourse and the formation of identity. Drawing upon concepts of bioregionalism and deep ecology, I delineate an approach to teaching composition that encompasses the concerns of older, humanistic and anthropocentric models, while it takes as its primary concern, the orientation of writers and thinkers toward non-human systems. Drawing upon Jim Dodge’s seminal essay on bioregionalism, “Living by Life” along with salient theorist’s in eco-composition, I propose a curriculum that incorporates knowledge both from the humanities and the sciences.

 Resources for Ecocomposition