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Apr 16, 2014: Angry (Hungry) Birds
Some organisms are more aggressive when they’re hungry.
Note: This blog post is a joint Fatima Aboul-Seoud/Rob Kurzban production.

What zebra stripes are for.

One possibility is that they have they have their own secret gorilla gyms where they lift bunches of bananas instead of weights. Maybe not.

A report from SPSP 2014.

Feb 10, 2014: Good Grief
Grief. What is it good for.

A new paper fails to replicate findings from the glucose-as-willpower-fuel literature.

A new paper in the new year.

The motto of the University of Pennsylvania, and how it relates to the merchants of Venice.

Dec 5, 2013: Regrettable Coverage
A study on regret evokes some regrettable reactions.

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