Tools and Teaching Strategies




  • My Own Information Space
  • Designing for what I want to learn and what I must learn
  • Managing and organizing my space
  • Connecting to best resources and tools I like to use
  • Designing a safe learning environment

In these columns, we will list tools that link to pages where they are described with hints on teaching

Possible Tools and
Teaching Tips for Portal Creation

  1. iGoogle or the Start Page within Google Apps for Education

Tools and Teaching Strategies to help children, teens, and adults create their own Personal Learning Environments by David Loertscher, Carol Koechlin
and You

Note, During Spring 2012, SJSU students will be using this site as a development workshop

My Personal Learning Network
  • Who I Learn With
  • How I learn best
    • using best strategies and tools
    • Building personal competence and collaborative intelligence
    • In both formal and informal environments
  • What I create
    • personal and collaborative products



Who I Learn With: Building a network of people, blogs, news feeds, websites, and other information sources I pay attention to on a regular basis

Tuning in to the voices I want to listen to:

  • Examples for Teacher Librarians
  • How would we help kids, teens, and adults choose their sources to attend?


How I Learn Best

Tool Recommendations

Research Projects

Digital Curation

What I Create

Tools for Creating Products:



Personal Portfolio

  • Demonstrating what I know and can do
    • Archiving knowledge, skills, and products that demonstrate personal expertise and collective understandings
  • Creating My Public Face
    • Presenting my self to the world
    • Broadening my learning communities

Demonstrating what I know and can do


Creating My Public Face